Laser scanning

Laser scanning is based on creating a point cloud from an object that
we want to work. The laser scanner we use (Leica RTC360 3D) is one of the best devices on the market for this purpose.

Site surveying

We offer accurate site measurements for all sites. We measure all the necessary objects with the help of a laser projector and total station. We map, model and mark construction points with long experience and professional skills.


Drone devices can be used in many situations, e.g. in real estate and roof modeling, filming and mapping. The drone we use is a DJI Mavic 2 Pro.

3D Modeling

The use of 3D models is a very efficient way to produce project plans quickly so that all initial information can be found in the same place. That's why a 3D model produced by laser scanning is the best way to start planning a new project.

Mapping and Terrain Modelling

We measure and model the terrain, perform the measurements related to construction supervision and create the drawings to ensure the success of your construction project. We produce, for example, base maps, area maps and surface claims based on measurement data. When mapping, we use all three measurement tools: laser range finder, total station and drone. 

Floor plans and area measurements

We quickly produce new base images to replace aged or lost images. We draw the new images based on the point cloud of the laser projector, so they correspond to the current situation and are correct. We produce floor plans for practically any object you want, from studios to factory and warehouse halls and commercial properties. In addition to floor plan material, we can also produce surface area calculations or, alternatively, only surface area calculations for your object. Inquire more by sending an email or send a request for a quote.

BIM & Plant design models

We produce smart and accurate BIM models as the starting point for your project. Laser scanning is an affordable and quick way to ensure the success of your project.

Facades and roof pictures

We produce a point cloud of facades and roofs, after which we draw the drawings the customer wants based on the point cloud. Laser scanning enables all details to be drawn realistically and to scale. We produce and send all drawings in DWG and PDF format and, if necessary, in other formats. All produced drawings are also available in colorless or colored versions. 

Example pictures